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Tuesday, July 19, 2005
  And as Devo appropriately asks,

"Are we not men?"

Take a look around, objectively, at the daily events which give cause, pause or substance to your reality. I can’t define what these patterns of energy translated into waves of light and of sound are for you specifically, but I do know what I observe can hold interest if seen by me in terms of perpetual progression.
I submit for your delectation or for your derision, the idea of a right to free speech. Okay and YAY! Free speech and the unalienable right to it are often cited by a person who says something... the same person who is offended should anyone disagree. "Hey, I’ve got a right to free speech!" But of course, and does not the person with whom you disagree also have this same right? Say it, leave it as your legacy but don’t integrate it as part of your identity ... or do so at your peril. Thoughts change, times change, perspective changes and content changes, too.
Submit what you will (sounds like an apt title for a porn film, eh?) and simply walk away. You’ve stated your version of reality based upon what you’ve subjectively learned in life, via decisions made from personal trials and errors accrued during your years on this watery, round rock. Get over yourself, get on with life, get a haircut and get a job. You don’t have the sublime secrets of the universe in your private possession to grant gracefully to the ignorant masses. Let everyone figure out life as they will; should they ask for assistance, do what is appropriate given the circumstances.
No one needs religion. No one needs national identity. No one needs a reason, a motive, a sign or a confirmation their way is THE way and it must be shared with everybody in order to save people from themselves. Trust me; from what I’ve seen, it is only the most desperately driven people who feel they need to enlighten the so-called unenlightened to the ways of their personal god, who take the most drastic measures. Desperate people do desperate things. If your religion is working so freakin’ well, why do you feel the need to force someone else to follow in your prayer recitation? Yeah, NOW don’t you look stupid? Or did you completely miss my point? Yep, thought so......
Treat all people with dignity, be kind in the correct context, don’t assume, do not pass “Go” and do not collect $200. It’s all a game in which you set the rules of engagement by how you decipher impulses of light and sound. Your way of understanding life will not match up with someone else’s version of “let’s get happy” so why begrudge them their differences? Wake up and smell the year 2005 and realize just as my dad can’t beat up your dad, my god won’t put the smack down on your god and for me to imply this is so only shows what wusses both my god and I really are. Seriously.
Oh, and before I forget.... it is your right, privilege, task or option to disagree with me on this topic. I don’t mind.

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